COVID-19 Safety Measures At Boot Camp

Sooner than you know it, you’ll leave home and jump on planes, trains, automobiles and maybe even yer horse to get to the 14th annual IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp in sunny Orlando, Florida. Outlined below are a few things you need to know about this event as they relate to COVID.

Virtual Options:

As always, we will have a virtual option for those who are unable to travel. If you are really worried about contracting the virus and have health concerns, STAY HOME. However, if you tell your wife you’re coming, but then go to Vegas or the Bahamas and log in virtually, we WILL rat you out.

Most Important:

If you feel sick or know you’ve been directly exposed to the virus leading up to the event, please do NOT attend this event in person!!! This is particularly important if you travel here and wake up one of the mornings with a fever, sore throat or any other symptoms of COVID. Please, please, please do not ignore ANY symptoms and do NOT come into the venue or interact with others. If you do travel here and wake up with symptoms, we’ll help you find a testing center and/or make plans to get back home safely.

On Masks:

At the time of this writing, the hotel does require the wearing of masks in all public spaces (note that the hotel ballroom is not considered a public space and therefore you are not required to wear a mask). If the laws or hotel requirements change, we will comply with whatever rules are in place, and will notify you of such changes to safety protocols when we are made aware. Our team will be busy putting on a great event for you and will not be the mask police throughout the event. If the sight of someone not complying with these rules upsets you and will ruin your attendance, please do NOT attend this event! We have a virtual option for you.

The Hotel:

The hotel has assured us they are ready to host our event and have taken necessary precautions to keep the venue sanitized. Any questions regarding their safety protocols related to COVID should be directed to the event hotel since we cannot provide answers about what they are doing (or not doing) other than what they are posting on their website as an assurance to all of us.

You can also view Rosen Shingle Creek’s total commitment to guest health here:


We will make sure that tables and seats are spread out so you are not sitting right next to someone you didn’t come with. Feel free to wear a mask at your table, but again, we won’t require masks to be worn in the main ballroom.

Vendor Hall:

The vendor tables will be set up with appropriate physical/social distancing guidelines in place.

Meal And Beverage Service:

The hotel will provide a meal service that is either served by the staff (buffet, but without you touching the serving utensils) or a box breakfast/lunch to avoid everyone touching the same surfaces. If a box breakfast/lunch, you’ll have to take what you’re given or order food from the hotel or a nearby restaurant; we won’t be able to customize box lunches for various diets, food allergies, religious observances and all-around picky eaters. You ARE welcome to bring your own food in a cooler or forage in the nearby park (we’ve heard that gator tastes just like chicken). The hotel is an expert at this, and we trust their methods and safety protocols.

Interacting With Others:

Unless you want to be a social pariah, don’t shake hands. Elbow bumps or gangster signs are now the appropriate way to greet fellow members. Bowing is also acceptable, especially when addressing The Rodeo Queen herself (Big Red). We would also ask that you refrain from licking the doorknobs, sneezing, coughing or expelling natural gas in the elevators.

Contact Tracing:

Because we cannot disclose, share or publish private medical information we discover about our event attendees (or anyone else), we will NOT be doing contact tracing and notifications of any kind to attendees regarding people who later discovered they tested positive for COVID after arriving home from this event. If you attend the event and believe you may have exposed people while there, you are free to notify those who you were in close contact with. This is entirely up to you because we cannot know who you were in contact with at the event, whether or not you contracted it at the event (or somewhere else) and if you passed it on to someone while at the event. Bottom line, we are all aware of the risks associated with travel and being around other people at this time. Again, if this is a big concern for you, we recommend attending the event virtually.

Temperature Checks:

At this time, the hotel is requiring temperature checks when entering the hotel. We cannot guarantee that this will still be the case during our event, and we will not be doing temperature checks at registration.
As you are aware, this is a dynamic situation, and anything can change last-minute. Ultimately, we will comply with laws put in place, which may be different than what are outlined here. We will keep you updated on any new developments as we draw closer to the event. If you have any questions or concerns, please drop an e-mail to

I thank you in advance for working with us since this is far from an ideal situation. Believe you me, I’m FAR more annoyed by all of this than any of you can or could be. For this, I truly appreciate your patience.

Dedicated to your success,

Robin “The Rodeo Queen” Robins
Technology Marketing Toolkit, Inc.