Nestled on the Bald Mountain Brook in the Town of Jamaica is a small red cape circa 1852. It has seen many owners in its 168 years. Families have lived there for generations. In 2004, the house came into the hands of our son. With the help of family , the house was updated and restored. In 2020, the son and family have moved to a much larger house in Townshend, VT with acreage.

Now new people are moving to this storied property. The parents of the son, will become the new owners of this home. In fact it is a Vermont homecoming, Mary Jane grew up in Plymouth, VT, where her parents ran The Farmbrook Motel until their retirement. The motel was sold and run for many years by Jim and Glenda. Hurricane Irene ended that chapter sadly.

Now on the banks of Bald Mountain Brook the hospitality of Farmbrook is returning to Vermont in Farmbrook South. Perhaps you will have a chance to stop by and spend some time.

Rich and Mary Jane.

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